Stupidity rules, ok?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

There’s a riot going on

For a sixth consecutive night the suburbs of Paris were shaken by riots. The French police crack down on criminal youth gangs in the suburbs took a turn from bad to worse as two youngsters were electrocuted while they tried to escape from the clutches of the police. Riots sparked as locals took to the streets of the suburb of Clichy the night after the youths’ deaths, angered by the behaviour of the authorities. The police, being the police, admitted no blame but promised that an investigation would be launched once things cooled down. In the mean time they put the blame solely on what they labelled as thugs and criminal elements (considering the numbers of rioters the police obviously view the suburbs as nests of these anti-social elements). The fact that the suburbs of Paris are predominantly immigrant made the police’s no less surprising. But instead of cooling down, the riots of Clichy have spread to other suburbs and a massive series of copycat riots have raged the last nights (it seems as if multiplication does produce powerful numbers after all).

The attempts to label the populace of the suburbs as criminals only reinforce the fact that stupidity rules the police, ok?


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