Stupidity rules, ok?

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Get stereotyped or die tryin’

On the poster of the fairy tale depiction (sorry, that’s true story based on really real events) of hip hop mumbler 50 Cent’s super rough ghetto life, Get rich or die tryin’, the rapper’s portrayed with a gun in one hand and a microphone in the other. It didn’t take long for various protest groups to start crying their hearts out; the poster, nevermind the film now, they claimed, promotes “gang violence, criminal behaviour and gang affiliation”. Why you might ask? The gun, the mic and the fact that 50 Cent, unlike say Schwarzenegger, is black. Of course they didn’t say the part about 50 Cent being black. Oh God no, that could be perceived as racist. The fact remains, there is no problem showing off guns on movie posters as long as the hand holding them are not racially stereotyped as criminals and “bad influences” on the kids. Leaders of the campaign against the poster thanked Paramount for showing “corporate responsibility”, Paramount thanked them for the free publicity and the rest of us thank the protesters for ... ehm ... I don’t know, unknowingly upholding a racial double standard, maybe?

Ey, forget about it ... stupidity rules yet again, ok?


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