Stupidity rules, ok?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

The downward spiral

The business community and especially the advertisement sector have always looked upon football with jealousy in their eyes. Football possesses a highly desirable quality, one that all companies look for, loyalty. Fans of clubs are loyal; they stick with the club through thick and thin, hell and high water. The love of a club might be like a marriage from heaven (undying passion and an incredible sense of belonging) and hell (continual betrayal and relentless disappointment), but divorce has never been an option. With the emergence of modern football this loyalty have been put in question, the senseless greed of the clubs’ management (like charging half a weeks’ pay to see a game with your kids) have distorted the relationship between club and fan to a straight commodity based on. Modern football has, in many ways, transformed the fan to a customer and football to an entertainment commodity among many others. And unsurprisingly the loyalty is fading. In order to combat this decline of loyalty the business men of the club boards have turned to the ad agencies for help, trying to relight the flame of loyalty through shrewd advertisement. The full circle of modern football is nothing but a continuation down the downward spiral that takes football to constant new lows.

Stupidity rules the football executives, ok?


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