Stupidity rules, ok?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The copy morons strikes again

The copy morons (anyone got a better name for them please let us know) once again show their utter lack of understanding for the processes of creativity. The latest victim of their campaign against … eh … art is self taught British painter Jack Vittriano. For once it isn’t the right industry banging its collective head against the wall; no, this time it’s the art critics of all people. So why do they batter against this artist? Well, they feel he doesn’t quite live up to their standard of uniqueness and originality. You see, some of his paintings are based on (or copies of if you like) a textbook on how to paint. He have never hide the fact, never denied it. Art is, among other things, rearrangement and retelling and that is just what he does. But this is obviously a no-no for the copy morons of the art critics. Why? Who knows? One would assume that they should know better …

I know, it’s a bit like saying that the sky is blue but stupidity really rules morons, ok?


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