Stupidity rules, ok?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Business leaders of the world, unite!

It was a coming together of the top of the pops; leaders of some of the world’s mightiest software, entertainment and pharmaceutical companies stood up, side by side, proclaiming that they had joined forces in the never-ending war against piracy. Without getting their story straight even for the initial press coverage they claimed that the fight against piracy is essential for the survival of business (their businesses of course), the economy (because they suffer) and society as a whole (they being indispensable to us). The double tongued Eric Nicoli, EMI chairman and co-chairman of the new organisation BASCAP (Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy), first claimed that anything can now be perfectly copied anywhere in the world and then countered by saying that piracy is dangerous, it cost lives, because it is not as good as their own original products. This was especially true when it came to medicine, car parts, toys and food (unsurprisingly four fields all represented at the meeting by leading companies). Dangerous to whom, one might wonder. Certainly not to the millions surviving on generic or counterfeited pharmaceuticals or food additives throughout the developing world. Hypocrisy always has a foul smell; and when it is, as in this case, powered by greed the stench becomes even worse.

Stupidity rules the greedy, ok?


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