Stupidity rules, ok?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The minority rules

The British comedy crew, sorry, that’s advertisement watchdog - Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) – have just ordered an ad campaign for Sin City to be removed. Exactly what authority the ASA holds is unclear but obviously they are in a position to issue bans. So why did they do it? Well, Sin City ran this interactive campaign where you could watch clips from the film at bus stops etc. and out of 486,000+ viewings the ASA received one (uno, um, un, en, ein, jedno, 1) compliant about the content. That is all it takes, someone somewhere gets offended and then the ASA steps in, desperate to justify their own existence by condemning most anything. And of course they did it for the children. Always for the children.

Sigh, it never ends, now does it? Stupidity rules the moralists, ok?


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