Stupidity rules, ok?

Monday, August 01, 2005

A zillion trillion billion dollars

In another vain attempt to stamp out internet piracy the FBI launched a world-wide operation with the catchy name Operation Site Down. (They must employ someone to come up with all these names, right?) For a second time around they went for what they believe to be the root of file sharing, the warez groups, hoping that if the root is destroyed the tree above will wither and die. There are off course a couple problems with this approach; they are so obvious that it’s almost rude to point them out. First of all, warez groups are pretty much like the head of the hydra, cut one off and seven will take it’s place; secondly (and boy, this is a big one) there is no one root system, the whole tree analogy is flawed from start to finished, think weed or mushrooms instead, and rain instead of well. We could go on but what’s the point? Oh that’s right, after the raid was done the FBI proudly proclaimed that they had seized computers with $100 million worth of “stolen” immaterial goods. $100 million, why not 200, or 300? The value of multiplied and copied goods is just made up anyway so why not go big? I mean really, really big, like a zillion trillion billion. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a millionaire too?

Except the obvious stupidity of trying to stop the ocean waves, stupidity really, really rules the valorisation process of multiplied computer bytes, ok?


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