Stupidity rules, ok?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Return of the blame game

When companies fail to produce profits or live up to market expectations the blame game often kicks in; it’s the world market’s fault, it’s the union, the lack of government support, the taxes, the foreign competition, the war, the terror, it’s the economy. Hey man, it’s the damn weather’s fault, I tell you! Oh well, you get the point. The blame game - the shifting of focus from the incompetence of the board to whatever scapegoat they can come up with. A good example of this is the video rental chain Blockbuster; when their largely out-dated business model (acting middleman between the consumer and the film industry) is running the numbers into the red they start blaming Hollywood for not producing enough hits. It’s Hollywood’s fault that people don’t want to pay insane prices for services they don’t really need. Yeah, that’s right. Keep fooling yourself.

Once again, stupidity rules the blame game, ok?


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