Stupidity rules, ok?

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Green Street moralist

There’s been some controversy concerning the film Green Street, which tells the story of an American student (that’s Frodo’s part) coming to London and meeting some well dressed men with a special interest in football. Or to cut it short, it’s about football hooligans. The thing that differs this film from other hooligan films (Football Factory, I.D. etc.) is the strong connection to football and the club, in this case West Ham United. The film makers were allowed to shoot at Upton Park during a match. And the club knew exactly what the film was about – the high concentration of young men wearing Stone Island, CP Company, Aquascutum, Lacoste and vintage Adidas pretty much gave it away. And after seeing the film the club felt happy about the end result. Sir Robin Wales, mayor of Newham (the home of West Ham), on the other hand, hasn’t seen the film. But that doesn’t stop the man from being strongly apposed to it. Claiming that it’s going to destroy the good name of Green Street, attract the wrong crowd to Newham and the film makers are only in it for the money. One would think that he should wait until he’s seen the film before denouncing it, but then again, sound reasoning has never been the strong side of moral outrage.

We’ve heard it all before, stupidity rules the moralists, ok?


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