Stupidity rules, ok?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Digital non-stop erotic cabaret, part 2

When delaying the triple x project the US government wanted the Icann to "ensure the best interests of the Internet community as a whole are fully considered." It sounds good (it usually does, doesn't it?), but since the government changed it’s mind in the eleventh hour after strong lobbying by a small but organized group of people and activists these words take on another meaning. This formulation projects the idea that pornography is something foreign and alien to the "Internet community" (whatever that is) and not an integral part of it. By internalizing internet while at the same time placing porn firmly on the outside a distinction is made between flows of "good" and "bad" information, between them and us. "We" must decide whether or not the porn industry should be allowed on the internet; like there is any question that adult content already constitute a major part of it (estimates show that 4-10% of all traffic is adult material and 20% of all surfers have visited porn sites the last month). Is the government taking in the concerns of the internet as a whole or those of noisy campaigner claiming to protect the children?

Stupidity rules populism, ok?


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