Stupidity rules, ok?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Digital non-stop erotic cabaret, part 1

In June this year Icann green lighted the project to create a virtual red light district on the internet by establishing the .xxx-domain. The plan was to make the domain a home for porn sites. And surprise, surprise, the moral outrage did not wait. Right wing religious groups teamed up net privacy campaigner who in their turn teamed up with net veterans of all kinds – the lobbying against this “obscenity” had just begun. It’s socially unreasonable, it’s legitimizing the porn industry, ensuring easier profits for pornographer, flooding our homes with filth – these were some of the views aired. And the US government, which still holds sway over the Icann, listened and the green light turned red. Maybe, just maybe, if we all hold hands and close our eyes really, really hard this time all the smut peddlers on the internet will just go away and people will stop wanting porn. Ok, on three now everybody – grab hands and close your eyes – one, two, three…

Sigh, stupidity rules moral indignation, ok?


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