Stupidity rules, ok?

Monday, July 25, 2005

With friends like these

After the recent suicide bombings in London the British police force have started implementing a new anti-terrorist policy - the shoot-to-kill-in-order-to-protect policy. The objective is to neutralize the suicide bombers before they get a chance to detonate. Reasonable? Well this policy assumes that the police can identify the bombers beforehand. And this is the problem; the recent attacks showed us that the bombers could be pretty much anyone and no one, they are invisible. So whom is the policy going to target? They will most likely keep on targeting working men from minority groups, men like Jean Charles de Menezes. Fausto Soares, a friend of Mr Menezes, pretty much summed it all up: "We are all terrified about the bombs, but now we are terrified of the police as well." Police Chief Sir Ian Blair on the other hand confirmed that the police will continue the implementation of their new policy and that more innocents might be killed at the hands of the police. You know, it makes you wonder; with friends like these, who needs enemies?

Stupidity rules the police, ok?


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