Stupidity rules, ok?

Monday, July 11, 2005

Do you believe in magic?

After US government officials closed down yet another BitTorrent tracker Dan Glickman of the MPAA stated that this was: "bad news for internet movie thieves and good news for preserving the magic of the movies". At first glance you might believe that he be right. But once you start thinking about it you realize - what magic is he talking about? Not the magic of the people; creating endless number out of nothing, giving it freely and instantly to anyone how wants it or needs it. That, my friend, is the modern day equivalent of water into wine. That is magic of the truest kind. What Glickman is talking about are the cheap parlour tricks of the business world, the oldest ones in the illusionists’ handbook – making people pay for what they already have. And people keep falling for it…

Quite frankly, stupidity rules the suckers, ok?


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