Stupidity rules, ok?

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Complete control

One of the great illusions of our day is "the freedom of the internet". It is upheld both by net libertarians and control advocates alike; one side striving towards less meddling, prying and regulations, the other wanting to monitor in the name of security, property and morality. Internet is either being too controlled or not controlled enough; it should be returned to its “original” free state or at last placed under supervision. But internet isn’t free, it never was. How could it be? The 13 root computers are still managing and directing traffic, and they are controlled by the US government alone. The factual plug can be pulled, entire domains cut off. No freedom, only illusion. But as a myth free internet holds a greater power than it possibly could gain though the strengths of actual freedom. Myth creates movement, it makes our hearts beat harder and our blood boil, and it turns internet into a world of subversives, pirates and smut-peddlers. Perception is far more important in this case than the truth of the matter; complete control is only a mask, a believed state of stability. And it comes crumbling at the speed of myth. Internet remains free as long as we believe it to be. Pulling the plug is not an option. It never was.

Stupidity rules they who lack faith, ok?


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