Stupidity rules, ok?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Automatons and battery farms

More than anything; corporate use of new information technology within the work process bring us stumbling toward a society of control. The ever-present old dreams of complete control as envisioned by Taylor and implemented by Ford never quite left the managers’ minds, not their subconscious anyway. Today, as they are fuelled by the power of microcomputers and wireless connections, these dreams become all too real. Equipping the workers with these instruments not only creates the likelihood of easier work and more efficiency and effectiveness, for worker and manager alike, it also illuminates the workplace; removing all dark spaces as it, like an all seeing eye, monitors everything always. Invisibility is no longer a possibility. No one can hide in the light of digitalized modernity. In their rejection of this new technology (and there is always rejection), trade unionists and academics take a purely ethical, humanist stance, playing the dehumanizing card once more (The workers are taking orders from computers! They’re turning the workplace into battery farms!). And off course they end up demanding a more humanized work. In a situation were they should neither fear nor hope they fall into despair, dumbstruck by future shock.

Stupidity rules the humanists, ok?


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