Stupidity rules, ok?

Friday, May 13, 2005

Replacing Vader

When George Lucas revisited the original trilogy back in 1997 a lot of things were improved; technical bits like sound and picture got sharper and clearer, the scale of the films got larger, it was now the case of two armies fighting each other not just a couple of squads on each side. But as we all know a lot of things got kind of destroyed too; like the muppet show musical in Jabba’s palace. Why Lucas, why? Unfortunately the revisiting didn’t stop back in 1997, when the trilogy got its long awaited DVD-release in the fall of 2004, some minor changes was made so that the trilogy got “better” continuity with the new trilogy; new voice-overs, slight digital changes, mostly stuff like that. Most of the changes are so small that you hardly notice them but that is not the case of the end sequence in Episode VI – you know, when Anakin appears in his ghost form next to Obi Wan and Yoda. Problem Sebastian Shaw – solution Hayden Christiansen? Exactly why Lucas replaced the older Anakin, the one that had fallen into the dark only rise back into the light, redeemed and with his destiny fulfilled, with pre-Darth Vader Hayden Christiansen I guess I’ll just never understand. Clearly too much independence doesn’t go well with meddlesome minds.

Stupidity sadly rules the constant revisiting, ok?


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