Stupidity rules, ok?

Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Jedi masters of not-getting-it

So the saga is finally complete. Critique of Revenge of the Sith has been mostly positive and rightfully so. Let’s just say that the film delivers, big time. One thing that the critics unanimously agreed upon was the woodenness of the acting and dialog. Well, duh! It’s a pastiche on old swashbuckling matinee adventures; woodenness and cheesiness comes with the territory. But film critics breed on French art films, 70’s alternative Hollywood and the neurotic relationships from Woody Allen movies, unsurprisingly miss this quite obvious fact. No amount of cleverness and witty remarks (like Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian: If Princess Diana had gone to the Dark Side, she would have looked a lot like this.) can hide the fact they just don’t get it. Opera, not realism, stupid! But off course, this is what happens when you send a pretentious wannabe to do a geek’s job.

Stupidity rules the critics, ok?


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