Stupidity rules, ok?

Sunday, May 15, 2005

It’s what you wear that counts

British shopping mall Bluewater just recently started to enforce a ban on hooded sweaters on their grounds, off course not selling them, just wearing them. They argued that hoods are intimidating, a sign of the culture of crime, and subsequently that they scare paying customers away. “It’s not where you’re from but what you wear that counts”, suddenly the words of Tim Burgess take a new and frightening meaning. The ban coincided with the latest outburst of moral rage from Tory-in-disguise Tony Blair – this time on what he calls the culture of disrespect. It’s like listening to echoes from the past, the same words that every generation of public figures use to sway the people – youth of today is lost, drowning in a cesspool of their own making. Cursing, alcohol, drugs, sex, violence, crime; ever heard all this before? We can spell it all in two words – antisocial behaviour. Politicians and businessmen alike are trying their hardest to blame the youth for Britain’s problems, and like always they use is the language of morality. It’s like the clock got turned back to 1977 and the emergence of punk is at hand. Only problem today is that the youth isn’t that bad as they are believed to be, they are basically law abiding conformists. Minor problem, when a scapegoat is needed, blame your neighbour’s kids.

No more is needed to be said; stupidity rules, ok?


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