Stupidity rules, ok?

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Having it both ways

Increasing the uses of the Power family is important for IBM, because it gives us the advantages of a high-performance processor and high-volume economics. This is one reason we’ve opened Power’s technical specifications through our Power Everywhere and initiatives. We are building a broader ecosystem of innovation around Power, reflecting the fact that innovation today is an increasingly collaborative process — and not only in software. (Samuel J. Palmisano, IBM CEO, IBM Annual Report 2004)

In 2004, IBM received 3,248 U.S. patents from the USPTO. This is the twelfth consecutive year that IBM has received more US patents than any other company in the world. (IBM Intellectual Property and Licensing)

3,000+ patents in one year! I guess IBM’s building ecosystems of innovation like a city planners builds parks; controlled, restricted, a pale reflecting of nature, an illusion of the free. Oh well, talking the talk doesn’t assume that they are walking the walk.

Stupidity rules the business talk, ok?


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