Stupidity rules, ok?

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Gabba gabba hey, that was the first of May

Pathetic and retarded slogans and rhymes? Check! No pun intended to The Ramones, they have shown us time and time again that sounding stupid and being stupid are two entirely different things. But I guess they are kind of an exception to the rule. Oh well, today truly was the first May. The Workers’ day. The people’s day. ¡Un pueblo unido jamás será vencido! The international proletariat gathed once more en masse on the streets of our cities to show the ruling bourgeoisie that... Zzz... oh, sorry, must have nodded of a bit. Where was I? That’s right; empty word, ancient rituals, delusions of grandeur. Don’t worry I’ll get to the one about Little Red Riding Hood as soon as I’m done here with this fairy tale.

Now more than ever, stupidity rules the left, ok?


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