Stupidity rules, ok?

Sunday, May 08, 2005

From India with love

After the emergence of home video in the 70s Pakistan had to draft up some copyright law in order to comply with the international community. And at least on paper Pakistan followed international standards regarding the protection of intellectual property, with one great exception though: India! The old archenemy India was completely exempt from the copyright laws. Copying of Indian intellectual property was rather encouraged by the generals in charge as it was looked upon as a great form of industrial sabotage. Industrial copying as an economic weapon, a continuation of the war by more clandestine means; it’s hard to tell the effect of this unofficial policy in terms of economic damage. But it had a very real side effect; the exemption from the copyright laws meant that the Pakistani video market was being overrun by Indian film, and the Pakistani embraced them fully. Indian culture started to eat its way into the heart and soul of the Pakistani people; language, ideas, music, style and more were taken from the pirated films. And like an unstoppable virus it ate its way into all corners of Pakistani society – from the privacy of your own home to the mosque. Not quite what the generals had planned. But, hey you know, best laid plans and all that…

Stupidity rules the hawks, ok?


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