Stupidity rules, ok?

Friday, May 06, 2005

A frappuccino and the Boss to go, please

Bruce Springsteen’s new album Devils and Dust is a little bit too much to bear for the meek ears of the coffee drinking public the coffee shop chain Starbucks recently decided and pulled the record from their 4,400 or so coffee stores. The Boss’ contemplations upon modern America are way too adult and explicit for the company’s ideas of social responsibility. Or maybe they just want to clear the “filth” from music and culture too. "Two hundred dollars straight in, two-fifty up the ass," she smiled and said. Not exactly the sunshine-and-flowers vision of corporate America that Starbucks want to sell… No great loss for the Boss though, the album still debuted at number one. But the moralists at Starbucks stand firm, if you want to build a better America there are no shortcuts; you have to do it one record at the time.

Yet again, stupidity rules the moralist’s cause, ok?


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