Stupidity rules, ok?

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

It’s fake, it’s fake, it must be fake

Pro wrestling isn’t real they say, the non-believers. It’s all fake. How could it not be? Just look at it, it’s plain to see; body slams, choke holds, cripplers, pedigrees, clotheslines, drop kicks, face slams, cross faces, figure fours. How can it be for real? The broken spines, necks, ribs, arms, legs, the dislocated shoulders and the cut open faces, that’s not real. The lifetime dependencies on painkillers, steroids and other chemical cocktails, the increased death rates, and weakened health – that’s all bogus. Fake! Wrestling isn’t street fighting, that’s absolutely true. Fighting in pro wrestling is like fucking in porn, not really real (in the sense that’s maybe not the way you’d do it off camera) but sure as hell real enough.

Stupidity rules the non-believers, ok?


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