Stupidity rules, ok?

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Ever woke up feeling frustrated?

When the oh-so-frustrated music industry ventures into online retailing it does so by charging even more, not less, than for a physical CD; using the most unusable of formats so heavily corrupted by DRM-restrictions that the files aren’t working. Play it on your iPod? Move it to another computer? Make a backup? Not if the bottleneck preserving industry gets a say! And still they complain that people file-share instead of using their legal options. But some people do use it; and unavoidably the sob-stories come rolling in. Frustrated costumers complain to a frustrated industry; man spends £40 on unplayable music, he feels cheated. Oh my god, if you got the possibility to download music, why pay for it? Feel cheated? No, feel stupid! You’ve just been had.

Oh well, stupidity obviously rules… both, ok?


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