Stupidity rules, ok?

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The case of the Ali Baba looters

I've seen looting around the world and thought I knew the best looters in the world. The Iraqis excel at that.
Last year the former top U.S. weapons inspector David Kay tried to explain whatever happened with Iraq’s WMD before a Senate committee and this was his simple explanation. Not that the looter brought home the weapons, no, they had their pockets full of Ali Baba loot according to Kay. You know all the golden toilet seats and stuff. They just managed to destroy all traces of them while scouting for the goodies. And it was all organized too, straight from the top, and planned. Hell yeah, that’s it, organized and planned by the secret police. That’s why they’re gone! Of course, a big old conspiracy made them go away. Or maybe Kay just forgot to utter those two magic words: “Open, Sesame!”

Stupidity just plain rules, ok?


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